Marc by Marc Jacobs and Dior

A minute to reflect on something other than journalism or architecture.  Fashion.

These two articles talk about Marc Jacob’s possible move to LVMH brand Dior as creative director.  John Galliano was fired this year after yelling anti-Semitic remarks at a bar in Paris.  Marc Jacobs, while managing two brands in his name he is also currently the creative director of Louis Vuitton.  LVMH would ideally like to have someone within the brand take over the position, other names have been brought up but it is difficult to say why they would leave their current positions for Dior.  There is speculation that the announcement will be made at Paris fashion week (beginning September 27th) about the position.  Jacobs is more than qualified to handle the position and has proved himself to LVMH more than once with the success of all of his brands.  This raises a few questions about the future of Jacob’s brands and responsibilities, but LVMH, a French company world renowned for it’s fashion icons would not make such a decision if it was to hurt another one of their brands, so I am not worried.

This article talks about Marc Jacob’s fashion week decision to move his second line, Marc by Marc Jacobs, into the prime time spot that his collection line had on Monday, September 12th.  This proved as a wise decision.  Not only did moving the show give him extra time to put together the collection show, but it also drew more attention to the blossoming second line.  Critics loved the season and it stood out against the other diffusion lines with neon colors, clear designs and close attention to detail.  Hopefully this will push MBMJ to continue to grow and more people will be interested to seek these things out at stores.  From my experience this summer I know that it was a big season to try new things and go in different directions to try and draw a larger following.  Too often second lines are safe and boring, which is something Marc by Marc Jacobs never is.


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