Freedom Monument is a moving memorial in Berlin / RNA Architektur + Archiglobe (eVolo)

Symbolizing the unity of German people, in reference to The peaceful revolution of 1989 which began in Leipzig, this competition proposal illustrates the idea of ​​freedom as an open, retractable field. The monument will encourage visitors to identify and commemorate the events and will convey meanings and images associated with a variety of historical and experiential impressions. Designed in collaboration between RNA Architektur and Archiglobe, the building establishes itself as a continuously transforming open form. There is no inside nor outside, but a field without a specific shape.

The monument consists of three main elements: the foundation vaults, the historical platform and a flowing field of false, distorted and illuminated aluminum bodies-abstract forms that symbolize the momentum of a crowd. The existing vault is opened in the former national monument and can be accessed via a staircase. An information center is situated near the entrance, educating visitors of the 1989 events and reunification of Germany.

High-gloss aluminium bodies are suspended on steel supports, positioned on the four main foundations of the ancient monument. A volume of 41x26x9 meters is formed, corresponding to the bisected Schlüterhof. The suspended steel elements can be attached to their longitudinal axis to rotate around the center and configured to always create new spatial situations, suggesting constant change.

From a distance, the memorial appears as a swinging, three-dimensional object with its appearance constantly being changes by shifts in light and weather. Symbolically, it accentuates the individual role in each collective action, discreetly reminding visitors of recent historical events.



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